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Superbowl: perché Prince non è rimasto fulminato sotto l'acqua ?

L’avete visto tutti, loro suonavano e la pioggia cadeva copiosa nello stadio.

Ma come mai Prince non c’ha lasciato le sue penne viola attaccato alla chitarra bagnata ?

Ecco la risposta

…as it turns out, Prince’s only serious concern was slipping on those monster heels of his. “Everything was wireless,” said [lighting expert] Paul Van Puffelen. “He had a wireless guitar transmitter and wireless microphones — there was no power running directly to him. All the real power appliances, the guitar amps and monitors, were all protected from the rain.”

But what about all those flashy, seemingly hazardous spotlights that illuminated the concert? They were low-voltage and waterproof LED devices, designed for outdoor use.

Lightning? He could have been struck by lightning at least, right? Nope. “You can debunk it all pretty fast,” Van Puffelen said. “He was in a big bowl. And lighting strikes the highest point, and there were plenty of high, high lights on the stadium, with their own lighting rods. When it’s an open-air venue with no roof, they have a lot to take into consideration.”

In fact, Van Puffelen said his biggest concern of the night had nothing to do with Prince. It was when Billy Joel sang the National Anthem in the rain: “I wouldn’t want to be the guy who owned that grand piano.”

Fonte http://idolator.com/tunes/prince/prince-doesnt-break-a-black-sweat-234616.php


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