Prince ai Family: facciamo un po' dei soldi dei Duran Duran

Ho scovato questa intervista * ai tre membri capaci di suonare dei Family (o fDeluxe). I tre maschietti, insomma.

Come al solito, chi ha avuto la fortuna di conoscere Prince da giovane e/o poi ha collaborato con lui nei primi 7 (!) lavori, può raccontare qualcosa di davvero interessante.

Eric Leeds: Prince said, “We can be funky, and we can be R&B, but let’s go get some of that Duran Duran money.”

Peterson: My brother-in-law’s first cousin is [former Revolution drummer] Bobby Z. I got a call from my brother-in-law saying, “I got you an audition as the keyboard player with the Time.” I said, “When is it?” “He said, “In two days — get your ass home.” 

The first day, Prince was not there, but he was there the second day. I was a little intimidated by him because, number one, I’m green. Number two, I’m from the suburbs. I knew more about bebop and Stevie Wonder and that kind of stuff. Black music wasn’t a totally foreign thing for me, but his brand of black music was a foreign thing. 

He was trying to calm my nerves. He did the whole thing where he makes you write down “wreck a stow.” “What is it?” he said. “Say it.” And I said, “Wreck a stow.” And he said, “Say it fast.” And he said, “Where do you buy your records?” Ha-ha-ha. He broke the ice. He’s actually very cool. He proceeded to pick out clothes with me for the ‘Purple Rain movie.’ He had swatches of clothing. I went for the straight, normal black pinstriped suit, and he picked out the orange suit for me, so that was a tale of things to come, shall we say.

Fonte: *


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