Perché è stato annullato Dublino?

Ce lo spiega un moderatore di Housequake:

I thought I’d share with you what I know and what I believe regarding some of the reasoning behind the Croke Park cancellation.

As you know, there was originally supposed to be a European Stadium Tour this summer that incorporated dates in Holland, Milan, Denmark and Dublin. An agency were booked to liaise with local promoters and dates were tentatively lined up, however it turns out there was a scheduling conflict between the two agents who book events for Prince and he could not commit to the tour and asked sales to stop.

Whilst the promoters for Milan, Denmark and Holland respected that request, it seems that the local promoter in Dublin, MCD, went ahead and put tickets on sale in the hope that this could force Prince’s hand into playing the gig. Prince subsequently was faced with another commitment and again requested that Dublin be taken off sale.

In fact once it was known that the tour was not going ahead, we ourselves sent some pretty blunt messages to NPG base camp pointing out what was best for the fans. It should be made clear that Prince himself took a great deal of interest in stopping sales, however it appears that MCD did not take this step.

Once it became very clear that the whole Dublin situation was a mess, Prince tried to look at moving things around in order to save the date, however it proved logistically impossible.

Looking at the whole situation, my personal opinion is that things could have been handled better on Prince’s side, however the vast majority of the blame has to go to MCD. As “Rsp” wisely pointed out in the cancellation thread, Prince is contractually bound with regards to ticket sales and cannot publicly speak out without facing legal action so he was in a difficult position until it could be officially cancelled.

From what I can gather, there was a phenomenal amount of mis-information being circulated by MCD including stories that the stage was being built (which could have been true if it not for the fact that Neil Diamond is playing the same venue on Saturday !) and that Prince’s security team had been looking at aftershow venues (even though they’ve been in LA for the last 2 weeks), all it seems building hype for a concert that wasn’t going to happen – pretty despicable behaviour in my book.

Prince stava organizzando il tour europeo, comprendente anche la tappa di Milano e aveva chiesto ai promoter di attendere prima di vendere i biglietti. Tutti, tranne Dublino, avevano seguito il suo consiglio. Ed ecco il risultato.


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